Date Time Headline
25-Sep-23 08:17 US Stocks ends marginally lower
22-Sep-23 16:29 Singapore Market closes in positive terrain
22-Sep-23 15:11 Hong Kong Market climbs on growth hopes
22-Sep-23 14:10 China Market surges 1.55%
22-Sep-23 13:09 Australia Market closes in green
22-Sep-23 13:08 Japan Nikkei falls as BoJ stays put
22-Sep-23 08:16 US Market falls on hawkish Fed
21-Sep-23 16:04 China Market falls on hawkish US Fed stance
21-Sep-23 14:27 Australia Market falls on hawkish Fed
21-Sep-23 15:20 Japan Nikkei falls on U.S. rate hike fears
21-Sep-23 08:30 US Market falls as Fed hints one more hike
20-Sep-23 15:53 Singapore Market ends flat
20-Sep-23 17:46 Hong Kong Stocks falls ahead of Fed decision
20-Sep-23 15:42 China Market ends 0.5% lower
20-Sep-23 14:31 Australia Market falls ahead of U.S. Fed meeting outcome
20-Sep-23 13:19 Japan Nikkei falls 0.7%
20-Sep-23 08:03 US Market falls ahead of Fed policy decision
18-Sep-23 16:35 Singapore Market ends lower on weaker export data
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