Date Time Headline
19-Apr-24 14:31 Benchmarks trade higher; financial services shares advance
19-Apr-24 13:38 Market at day's high; European mkt opens lower
19-Apr-24 12:40 Barometers trade near flat line; media shares slide; VIX spurts 5.8%
19-Apr-24 11:35 Broader mkt underperforms; PSU banks under pressure
19-Apr-24 10:33 Indices trade with modest cuts; realty shares down for 5th day
19-Apr-24 09:34 Market drifts lower in early trade; breadth weak
18-Apr-24 14:36 Nifty slides below 22,100; FMCG stocks slide
18-Apr-24 13:41 Broader mkt outperforms; European mkt opens higher
18-Apr-24 12:37 Market at day?s high; VIX climbs 3.96%; realty shares advance
18-Apr-24 11:34 Nifty climbs 22,250; metal stocks shine
18-Apr-24 10:34 Barometers trim gains, media shares in demand
18-Apr-24 09:36 Market drifts higher; breadth strong
16-Apr-24 14:31 Barometers trade lower; PSU bank shares under pressure
16-Apr-24 13:44 Indices trade with deep cuts, European mkt opens lower
16-Apr-24 12:37 Market extend losses; IT shares decline
16-Apr-24 11:33 Nifty slides below 22,200; media shares in demand
16-Apr-24 10:34 Broader mkt outperforms; realty shares slide
16-Apr-24 09:33 Market opens on lower side in early trade; breadth strong
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