Date Time Headline
30-Jun-22 17:22 Rupee shows partial recovery
30-Jun-22 16:55 Gold stays slippery, interest rate outlook in focus
29-Jun-22 17:26 Rupee drowns
29-Jun-22 13:30 Gold sees flat moves
28-Jun-22 17:33 Rupee Deplets further
27-Jun-22 17:36 Rupee dips
27-Jun-22 12:38 COMEX Gold Sees Modest Gains
24-Jun-22 17:34 Rupee edges up
24-Jun-22 12:33 Gold supported amid weak momentum in US dollar
23-Jun-22 17:30 Rupee sags
23-Jun-22 13:05 Copper prices extend losses to its lowest level since February 2021
23-Jun-22 11:46 COMEX Gold fails to see traction
22-Jun-22 17:21 Rupee worsens
21-Jun-22 17:35 Rupee dips
21-Jun-22 16:55 Gold wavers around $1840 per ounce mark
20-Jun-22 17:29 Rupee edges high
20-Jun-22 16:30 Gold gains marginally amid slight weakness in US dollar
17-Jun-22 17:29 Rupee swings low
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