Date Time Headline
27-Jan-22 18:19 Rupee trenchec to 75-mark
27-Jan-22 09:18 Gold Slides From Two Month Top
25-Jan-22 17:52 Rupee Plunges
25-Jan-22 12:52 COMEX Gold Holds Just Under Two Month High
24-Jan-22 18:09 Rupee worsens
24-Jan-22 16:27 Gold Supported Amid Volatile Risky Assets
21-Jan-22 17:37 Rupee tanks
19-Jan-22 17:16 Rupee closes up
21-Jan-22 14:45 Gold Consolidates Amid Heavy Selling In Bitcoin
21-Jan-22 11:45 Gold Steadies Around Two Month Top
20-Jan-22 18:17 Rupee Plummets
20-Jan-22 16:24 Gold Hits Two Month High On Heavy Risk Aversion
19-Jan-22 12:04 Gold Cuts Losses After Testing One Week Low
18-Jan-22 17:58 Rupee dwindles
17-Jan-22 18:00 Rupee worsens
14-Jan-22 17:58 Rupee skids
14-Jan-22 13:42 Gold Broadlly Supported As Dollar Sinks
13-Jan-22 18:17 Rupee extends gains
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