Date Time Headline
30-Mar-23 10:32 Currency market shut for trading
29-Mar-23 17:32 Rupee sustains gain
28-Mar-23 19:45 Rupee closes up
27-Mar-23 17:16 Rupee closes stronger
24-Mar-23 17:23 Rupee slips a tad
23-Mar-23 17:25 Rupee closes higher
23-Mar-23 11:35 Gold sees sharp bounce following less hawkish Fed
22-Mar-23 16:32 Gold prices stay near flat line, Fed in focus
22-Mar-23 15:24 Currency market shut for trading
21-Mar-23 15:19 Rupee sheds lower
20-Mar-23 17:36 Rupee closes lower
20-Mar-23 17:37 Gold soars to one year high on global liquidity boost
17-Mar-23 17:32 Rupee Recovers
16-Mar-23 17:42 Rupee closes higher
15-Mar-23 17:38 Rupee Topples
15-Mar-23 14:11 Gold cracks under $1900 mark
14-Mar-23 17:34 Rupee sinks
13-Mar-23 19:03 Rupee goes down
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