Date Time Headline
25-Sep-23 15:07 Speculative Net Longs In Euro Slide To 11 Month Low
25-Sep-23 14:09 Gold Slips Amid Strong Dollar and Hawkish Fed, Consolidation Continues
25-Sep-23 13:02 INR Slides Further Above 83 Per Dollar Mark
25-Sep-23 12:57 USDJPY Stays Near 148 Per Dollar; Governor Ueda Maintains Patient Ap...
25-Sep-23 11:51 US Dollar Index Speculative Longs Rise To Eight Month High
22-Sep-23 17:29 Rupee sustains momentum
22-Sep-23 16:56 INR Sees Good Recovery; Appreciates Above 83/$ Mark
22-Sep-23 14:23 Yen Tumbles Past 148 Per Dollar As BoJ Stands Pat On Rates; JPYINR D...
22-Sep-23 14:05 Gold Regains its Shine as Bargain Buying Boosts Prices
22-Sep-23 12:26 Indian Rupee Stays Supported, INR Breaks Under 83 Per US Dollar
22-Sep-23 11:50 Dollar Index Holds Above 105 Mark, US 10 Year Bond Yield Near 4.50%
21-Sep-23 17:40 Rupee firms up
21-Sep-23 15:46 British Currency Pounding At Six Month Low Ahead Of BoE; GBPINR Exte...
21-Sep-23 15:10 Gold's Glitter Fades as the Mighty Dollar Gains Strength
21-Sep-23 14:02 Euro Tumbles Below $1.07 Amid Dollar Strength Overseas; EURINR In Ne...
21-Sep-23 12:25 Indian Rupee Struggles, Nifty At One Week Low
21-Sep-23 11:22 Dollar Index Adds Massive Strength On Hawkish Fed
20-Sep-23 17:39 Rupee surges
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